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Sell car Dubai on consignment is the next best thing to sliced bread. And, it is becoming a true phenomenon. This is because it is hands-down the easiest way for anyone to sell a car.

The auto consultants that are selling cars on consignment are popping up everywhere because of the used car sales boom.

If you have never heard of what it means to sell a car on consignment, read further because I am going to expose one of the best kept secrets to selling a used car.

Those selling cars on consignment are bringing ease and peace of mine to people in the market to sell a used car. Because auto consultants are in the business of selling cars it makes perfect sense to turn your car over to them and allow them to work their expertise for you.

By doing so, you will most likely get the most possible money for your set of wheels. In addition, you will be so happy that you don’t have to experience the painful task of doing all the work it takes to sell a used car on your own.

Try this out…

Bring your car to an auto consultant in your area that is selling cars on consignment. Discuss the agreement that the dealer has so that you completely understand each and every detail of the program and the process.

Here are a couple trade secrets to be aware of:

1.) Try and find someone that uses a sliding fee scale to price the fees for selling your car. I have heard there are dealerships that charge a flat fee of say, $3,000. This applies to someone that is selling a $15,000 vehicle as well as someone selling a car for $7,000. This really isn’t fair to the person with the cheaper vehicle. 2.) In addition, beware of those that add on fees at the end, even if the car doesn’t sell. You don’t want to get ripped of this way either.

Simply be sure that you understand each and every detail of the agreement. After that, consider the advertising that the dealer will use to be sure your car is noticed in the used car market.

Most dealerships will use several sources to market your car. You want to work with someone that advertises in as many places as possible. It is to your benefit to know where and how often the dealer will advertise your vehicle.


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