How to Select the Right Children’s Magician For Your Event

While magic shows for children are often associated with private birthday parties, more and more event organizers are searching for a children’s magician to perform at their function.

The most common problem with finding a children’s magician that will be right for their event is selecting the right one. How do you know you’ll choose a magician who is really talented, and not someone who the kids will find boring or “lame”?

The first place most people turn to find a magicien Monte Carlo is the internet. But with so many to choose from on the internet and in the phonebook, use these questions to help you find someone who will be a hit at your next awards banquet, fundraiser, or summer camp:

1. Can you talk with the magician before you book his show? It’s important to be able to talk with the magician, make sure that you “click” with them, and make sure they are easy to work with. When dealing with children, you want to make sure they have a nice personality and not one that will create tension in the room.

2. Do they customize their show based on the age group of the children? Too often magicians have a show that is appreciated and enjoyed only by a specific age group. Both the sophistication of the magic and the length of the show needs to be tailored to the age group & attention span of the audience.

3. Do they have experience working with larger events? Some magicians have only done small, private parties, and you want to make sure that you have a magician who has experience with a larger audience, a tighter time schedule, and the general feel of a larger event. Make sure they have experience.

4. Do they have experience working with events similar to your event? The feel of a church program is entirely different than a school banquet, for example. Ask for any experience the magician has had with the specific type of event you are holding. If they haven’t had any experience with that type of event, find out what’s similar that they have performed for.

5. Do they have other people’s feedback you can reference? Sure, they can say that they do a great job – but the real test is in hearing what other event organizers have to say about the show that was performed at their event. Read feedback from other clients and follow your gut instinct about using the same magician.


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