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Everyone knows the best way to really learn about anything is to go back to its roots- where it all began. That is why, when it comes to school sports tours focused on lacrosse – the best place to head is New York!

School sports tours with a basis in lacrosse are, of course, widely available throughout North America, with the U.S. East Coast and Canada being the most popular destinations. But there is nothing like coming to the place where the first European settlers first learned about what is considered the original native American team sport Рand got hooked. And for good reason; the game, which has been considered the best of basketball, hockey and soccer put together, is a fast-moving, exciting event requiring skill, timing, and sportsmanship. Visit  CT lacrosse club

Lacrosse History

School sports tours to New York will introduce students to the origins of the sport. Native Americans developed it to resolve conflict, for healing therapy, and also as a means to develop strength and virility in their young braves. In fact, a history of lacrosse mentions its use in Native American religious ceremonies as well as war preparations. There are tales of games using balls of deerskin, stone and clay that lasted for days, over lacrosse fields measuring in the miles and teams involving hundreds of men.

While the game has certainly travelled a long way around the world (as can be seen in the participation of a record number of nations at the recent European Championships), going back to where it all began – New York – adds a whole new light and gives student athletes a renewed appreciation for this fascinating game.


Lacrosse Around the World and Back

While lacrosse has always been played regionally – mainly in the states of Florida, Colorado, Texas, New York and the mid-Atlantic states – its growing popularity has spread to areas such as North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and the mid-west. One of the fastest-growing team sports in the USA (and now Europe) there is now a record number of high school lacrosse players. For teams on school sports tours to New York, this is certainly good news; there will be no lack of competition for friendly matches and invitational games in the area.


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