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A viral marketing blog is a great way to get your name out on the internet. Furthermore, if it’s a personal blog site, then you’re branding yourself online, which can be very powerful. But how important is it really to brand yourself? The bottom line is, you want to get your blog post out there on Google and your message to thousands of viewers. The idea, of course, is to link your blog post to the articles you write, and eventually, you’ll start ranking at the top of Google so that people who type in your keyword phrase will click on your link…free traffic…yay!! Whether or not you actually brand yourself is not really important, as long as you’re making blog.

Of course, it is a good idea to also get your own viral marketing blog, but you don’t have to rush out and do this right away if you can find a way to use a ready built blog for viral marketing.

A Ready Made Viral Marketing Blog….

I’m now realizing that the way go hike up your SEO is to make sure that your content is popular. Although the keyword phrase is important, it’s also very important that the site you’re trying to rank is a low alexa score. For example, a site with an alexa score of 1000 means that that site is the one thousandth most popular site worldwide on Google. (By the way, 1000 is really good!). Contrary to this, a personal blog with an alexa score of 6,000,000 means that is way farther down the popularity line. You can figure this out yourself by going to and downloading the toolbar for free.

When sites are popular, they’re more likely to be “liked” by the public, and this causes Google to sit up and take notice… ranking the site higher. It’s like the geek in high school. Nobody likes the geek… that is, until, he starts dating the head cheerleader. It only takes one popular viewpoint to see what he has to offer, and bingo… the popularity starts spreading like wildfire!

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