Interesting Information About Seahorses

As the name suggests, the seahorse is not an animal or species of horse that you would usually see on a race track. Rather, a seahorse is a type of fish who subsists in the ocean and in tropical climates. Though they can’t race like horses can, the shapes of their head look very close to the shape of what a horse may have. They swim in an upright position and have long curved tails that face towards the floor of the ocean.

Their physical surfaces are covered by rigid spiny plates. They have flexible tails which help them to clutch coral and sea plants. Their eyes are positioned on both sides of their heads, which allows them to move independently and to see predators. They often find their lives under threat because of some natural predators like tuna, crabs, rays, and skates. Here you can get Buy dry seahorse

They have dorsal fins on their back and can flap them up to 35 times per second to help the seahorse to move forward. Since they swim in an upright position, they cannot move fast. They have an internal swim bladder which allows them to move up or down. They are mostly seen swimming in the water along with aquatic plants and seaweeds.

According to marine biologists, there are over 25 different species of seahorses. Some species have spots on their bodies while some have stripes. Depending on the species, the sizes of seahorses may vary. The largest seahorse is the Pacific seahorse, a species that which grow to be more than one foot long. On the other hand, the smallest seahorse is the dwarf seahorse that grows only up to one and half inches long. Just like chameleons, seahorses are also capable of changing their colors to blend into the background. It helps them to hide from the reach of their predators.

Since they can’t swim fast, they don’t run after prey. Instead, they prefer to spread their curved tails around coral so that the prey can float by. They don’t have teeth, so seahorses use their long snouts to suck the whole food in.

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