How to Become a Stock Photographer Selling Stock Photos

Do you like to take pictures and do you regard your photography as a serious activity you try to improve all the time? – Then to become a stock photographer might be a challenging engagement for your future photography.

To become a stock photographer you need to be capable of producing a continuous flow of salable pictures of professional quality. It isn’t enough that you have taken 10 photos you regard as saleable and of professional quality.

When you start to engage in stock photography you need to have hundreds of really good pictures – as good as the ones you see published in magazines of many kinds. In fact you will need thousands of saleable photos to do well in stock photography – but all coming stock photographers have to start from somewhere – so don’t feel turned down by this statement.

The most important is that you are capable of shooting some kinds of royalty-free stock photos that are of commercial use and of a competitive quality and creativity.

Saleable photos are the kind that can be used as an illustration for something. It can be very concrete things, but illustrations of conceptual character or moods are often doing better. Lifestyle stock photos are in high demand these years, too.

Each photo should be describable with a rather few labels or keywords to be found in a picture search engine that picks the photos from the picture database and display the results to customers.

When you feel sure you have the right kind of pictures you need to find one or more picture agencies.

An alternative would be that you start your own picture agency and start selling your pictures as stock photos online from your own photo website. This isn’t the focus of this article as that will demand that you change your efforts form being a photographer to be a marketer of your pictures – at least partly – and want to cope with the full competition in the stock photo world.


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