Correct Candle Making Supplies Will Start You Making Candles Correctly

Candle Making is great because it’s flexible as both a fun-filled hobby and a home-based business venture. Regardless of which approach one takes, there are some basic supplies that will be required to produce professionally finished candles. Essentially, every type of candle requires three essentials – wax, a wick, and a container or holder for the candle. Since candles can be easily made in different shapes and styles, the wax type, and the type of candle holder you chose depends on your intent.

In order to properly melt the candle wax, you should use a double boiler made of good quality materials. This is a safety issue first and foremost. To gauge the temperature of the melting wax, use stir sticks in combination with a thermometer. Wick length will be determined by the type of candle you make, but it’s always a good idea to add wick clips or holders to the base of the candle. This allows the wick to “hang” inside the drying candle without falling in.

Candle molds are a particular supply that really can set your candle apart and make them unique. There are many styles and shapes available for purchase but you can also form your own as well using latex. When buying candle mold supplies you’ll find they are commonly made of metal, primarily aluminum. One dilemma with molds is that the candle will tend to stick inside it once it’s cooled and ready to be removed. The solution for this is to keep silicon mold release spray in your candle making supply kit. Also, mold cleaner will help to maintain your molds for regular use.

Another great addition is color. As with paint, there’s no end to the choices available to color your candle wax, including various shades of the primary colors, as well as pastels and brights. Many candle makers boldly experiment with mixing colors to create unique color combination. Candle color supplies are usually available as a dye additive that’s poured into the melting wax.

Aromatic scents are yet another fantastic method to set your candles apart. Commonly used scents include vanilla, cinnamon, and potpourri. But like coloring, the choices are plenty and more. Aromas are desirable because they have such divergent purposes. Some aromas aim to relax you while others set a romantic mood and others just smell better than your room does otherwise. The general rule of thumb is to one ounce of scent for each pound of wax used to make the candle, but always adhere to the requirements of your candle making recipe.

While a warehouse full of supplies is not needed, some base amounts of these candle making materials should always be on hand. Fortunately, candle making costs less than many other hobbies…model trains for example. The inventory of each supply you will need depends on the types and number of candles you intend to fabricate. But for beginning purposes, you can spend around fifty to a hundred dollars to get started. You’ll find your candle making supplies at local craft and hobby stores, on reputable online sites, and at some point, wholesale candle equipment suppliers.


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