How to Get RSS Syndicated Content

Getting syndicated content onto your blog can help to provide valuable content to your blog readers and RSS feed subscribers. This content should not be the only content on your blog. You should also write your own original and relevant blog posts regularly in order to provide a reason for your visitors to bookmark your site and to help grow your following. Here you can find RSS syndication

WordPress plug-ins are available to automate the process of importing feeds to your blog. The subject of this article is FeedWordPress an Atom/RSS aggregator for WordPress. You can get this plug-in from the WordPress website. You do not need to edit any text files or make any difficult configuration changes.

Just download the plug-in, upload it to your plug-in directory and enable it. There are a few options you can set in the configuration panel. Once the plug-in is set you do not need to do anything else. It will automatically publish syndicated content directly to your blog that you have instructed it to get.

RSS feeds are a great source of fresh content for your site. You just copy and paste the feed address you want published into FeedWordPress and it will publish the content on your site whenever the feed is updated with new content. You can choose to do this updating automatically or manually if you wish.

Writing your own content is important though and you should still update your site with content you have written. This is because lots of other people will be using these feeds and you need unique content on your site for it to be worth reading. Otherwise it will be just like lots of other similar web sites and contain duplicate content.


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