Marketing With RSS Feeds

Recently I touted on Feedburner, which is the technology for tracking your RSS Feed subscribers. This is the follow up, which hopefully sheds some light on RSS Marketing. Here you can get RSS wire in that platform.

Wikipedia defines RSS Feeds as:

A bit of a mouthful I know, so here is my definition:
Technology exists that allows you to set up a content feed on your web site or blog. Users can then click your link and subscribe to your feed. Your content gets sent to their RSS reader automatically.

Think of it like an email list. You’re the publisher they are the subscriber.

With an RSS feed, the content sent out is the most recent content added to your site, automatically. If you run a newsletter, you need to prepare the content and email it out. With an RSS Feed, the content is sent automatically.

What ever you post to your blog or put on your web pages, goes out to your feed subscribers. You can market using your RSS feed by writing creative messages and articles that include calls to action you want your readers to take.

Building you RSS feed subscribers is just as important as building your mailing list and you should take some time to set it up correctly.

Here is a fact. Many visitors will visit your blog once. If they like the current article, they click on your RSS Feed button and never return because now your content gets fed into their RSS Reader.

Each day they simply open their reader and see your newest posts, along with posts from 5-5000 other RSS feeds they subscribe to. You want your content in front of those readers don’t you?

Now with blog technology, the RSS feed is built right in. It is set up and ready to go to work for you. The first thing you need to do is set up your RSS feed to channel through Feedburner. I have described how to do that in a recent article titled: How to Use FeedBurner For Profit Follow the directions in the article, and post the FeedBurner link back to your site. Make it look catchy with a graphic or two, and you are good to go.

The attractive thing with RSS Feeds is the subscriber remains anonymous. They do not need to provide the site owner a name or email address, so it is much simpler for them to join your feed and not have to worry about their personal data.


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